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How to Teach Climbing

Just had to clip this little segment from tvashtarkatena’s latest trip report, Torture Memo #2, The Beatings Continue, on Cascade Climbers. Hilarious. Perhaps you’ll agree.

His reports are worth following for the tale and his rather amazing close-up photography (and photography in general).

I don’t understand the whole ‘torture debate’. “How can we, or why do we torture people” is often asked by the deeply concerned.


Because it’s fun, that’s why.

And no torture method is more fun, save perhaps putting the victim in coffin with a live insect (one of the more imaginative officially sanctioned methods, at least according to former Justice Department legal counsel), than taking a newbie out into the mountains.

There are two basic ways to learn a language. One is to study the syntax, grammar, pronunciation, slowly, deliberately, piece by piece, until you finally decide to stay only in hotels where English is spoken. The other is to swagger up to the counter, recite your carefully memorized “I’ll need a woman about twice my weight and that bottle of clear liquid with the wolverine penis floating in it”, and let the magic begin.

Having taught climbing both ways, I’ve become a firm believer in immersion. It’s quicker, and a whole lot more sadistic.

12,276 Feet of Rock!

Jeremy, Tim, Gus, and I climbed and skied Mt. Adams this past Monday the 7th of July, 2008. The taste was sweet!

7/26/08: Today I changed the filetype of this video from a .wmv file to a .flv and installed the FLV Embed plugin on the blog. Hopefully, Mac users will be able to view this rock n roll summit now.